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Mapviewer improvements: NDS LiveLab version 2022.4 now available

8. June 2022

Developers must always be in tune with the times. Flexibility and agility are the order of the day – this also applies and perhaps even to a special extent, to the area of Big Data, navigation technology and the like. NDS.Live Tooling users can now enjoy a special innovation for their work: We have just published a new LiveLab release (Version 2022.4). This release contains two major new features: Object Inspector tree search in LiveLab, and a first attempt at a real viewport-driven Mapviewer for NDS.Live.

Image Source: NDS Association

The new Mapviewer.py script directly sends complete feature-model objects to the MapViewer, so the MapViewer backend had to be extended quite a bit as well. This is also preparing the MapViewer backend for bulk attribute-based feature search. While we were at it, we also added session-callbacks to the MapViewer Python API. Now it doesn’t matter anymore in which order scripts and the MapViewer are launched. Additionally, we worked on improved docs. The mapviewer improvements will also make their way into the next DBI release this month.

The new mapviewer APIs are also deployed to pip.nds.live. If you have previously developed applications based on the mapviewer remote API, be aware of the following changes:

Below is a compilation of the new features, improvements and changes. 

Full changelog

New Features:




Downloads and docs are available via the NDS.Live Developer Portal. Enjoy developing!

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