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Mappls MapmyIndia joins NDS Association

12. October 2022

From the peaks of the Himalayas to the coast of the Indian Ocean: India is a country that has always fascinated because of its size, diversity, culture, history and, not least, its people. MapmyIndia is a brand dedicated to providing the best map data and numerous navigation services, tools, and apps around this vast and diverse country. The company’s international offerings operate under the brand name ‘Mappls’. The NDS Association is pleased to welcome CE Info Systems (owner of MapmyIndia and Mappls brands) as a new member – another important step in raising awareness of the global navigation standard and promoting its use around the world.

MapmyIndia provides innovative location-based products, solutions and services built on India’s best maps.
Image Source: MapmyIndia

Sapna Ahuja, Chief Operating Officer at MapmyIndia, says: “We are very excited to be part of the NDS consortium. We have already initiated our development work for NDS and are looking forward to participating in various meetings and share our inputs for NDS with respect to the needs of developing economies like India and other countries.” 

About the new NDS member MapmyIndia

In 1995, the company’s founders Rakesh and Rashmi Verma envisioned that someday 80% of all data will have a location component to it. This belief set off a long and hard journey of digitally mapping the complex landscape of India.

Today, MapmyIndia’s maps and location technologies are touching hundreds of millions of lives every day, through customers across global tech giants, new-age consumer internet technology companies, leading automotive manufacturers, large businesses across industry segments such as BFSI, telecom, FMCG, industrials, logistics and transportation, and government organizations. MapmyIndia combines data and technology to build products and platforms that offer SaaS and PaaS solutions as well as digital maps as a service (MaaS).

Detailed, precise and accurate HD maps developed by MapmyIndia help in the creation of a human-like context to what the car sensors are seeing. Specifically designed for self-driving cars, MapmyIndia offers comprehensive, accurate and updated HD maps. These maps are available in NDS format, but the company also offers custom format transformations. Ready-to-use HD maps are available and MapmyIndia can also create HD maps for customer-specific regions of interest.

The users include well-known names in the automotive and digital technology space.

The NDS Association is looking forward to many joint and inspiring meetings and developments with MapmyIndia to unify the world of navigation and make it better step by step.

MapmyIndia’s cutting-edge metaverse mapping platform translates all the minute details reflected in the real-world and presents a photo-realistic 4D map, enabling multiple augmented reality and virtual reality applications.
Image Source: MapmyIndia
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