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How NDS.Live supports HD map development

15. January 2024

Can you remember your first navigation device? GPS was first used in military settings, followed by avionics and naval applications for a selected group of companies. For motor vehicles, GPS became a mass market product in the 2000’s after Bill Clinton discontinued its “selected availability” in May 2000. Today, it is hard to imagine life without navigation tools. And as the fields of application have increased, the map quality has also improved. Today, there is no way around HD maps. Reason enough to show how NDS.Live can support the development of HD maps. Boris Gumhold, Senior Engineering Manager NDS Technology at HERE has recently been confirmed in his position as chairman of the technical committee (TC) for the NDS Association. He explains the advantages of NDS.Live when developing HD maps but also describe obstacles that might arise. But let’s focus on HD maps in general first.

HD maps make modern mobility safer and more efficient

HD (High Definition) maps are detailed digital maps that contain high-resolution and precise information about roads, terrain, buildings, and other geographical features. These maps play an increasingly important role in modern navigation and mobility for several reasons:

Overall, HD maps help to make mobility safer, more efficient, and user-friendly. They are particularly crucial for the introduction of autonomous vehicles, as they rely on precise map information to navigate safely and reliably.

NDS.Live natively supports autonomous driving use cases

Boris Gumhold comments: “NDS.Live has been developed with HD, autonomous driving and other ‘modern’ use cases in mind. This is the difference to NDS.Classic which was developed in the IVI only world. NDS.Live natively supports use cases such as autonomous mobility, software-defined vehicles, e-mobility, safe mobility, smart (C-ITS) mobility and more.”

The aspects mentioned above ensure that the development of map solutions based on NDS.Live is more efficient compared to NDS.Classic or other formats. In addition, map providers can design their processes more cost-efficiently and smoothly.

However, according to Grumpolt, the following hurdles need to be overcome to implement benefits comprehensively and effectively. 

Would you like to find out more about the possibilities and functions of NDS.Live? You can log in to the NDS.Live Developer Portal here.

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