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NDS.Live HD Maps and Autosar SOME/IP: a perfect match

12. October 2023

What would the NDS Association be without its tight network of trusted partnerships and innovative members? We learn from each other and inspire each other. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, our partner AUTOSAR has now published an informative brochure which shows how the future of mobility can be shaped sustainably and collaboratively. We at NDS are pleased to be represented in the booklet as well. NDS Chairman Martin Schleicher reports on the importance of flexible interoperability and standardization in the field of in-vehicle communication. NDS is partnering with AUTOSAR to enable in-vehicle communication of map data with NDS.Live based on the AUTOSAR SOME/IP protocol standard. 

Here you can read why AUTOSAR SOME/IP and NDS-LIVE HD Maps are a dream team for the future of powerful and reliable in-vehicle communication: 20th Anniversary Brochure AUTOSAR

In a new brochure published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our partner AUTOSAR, NDS Chairman Martin Schleicher reports on the importance of the cooperation.

The birthday publication wants to be an appreciation of the many contributions of experts and partners – such as NDS – in the success of AUTOSAR’s international standardization effort in the field of automotive software architectures. This is exactly the goal that we as the NDS Association are pursuing as well: The Navigation Data Standard was founded 14 years ago to create a standardized map interface for automotive ecosystems. NDS.Live users can decide flexibly where to deploy the NDS data or application service – in the cloud, in the vehicle’s head unit, the vehicle’s AD unit or in other locations such as a companion mobile app.

NDS has partnered with AUTOSAR to use SOME/IP as a reference for in-vehicle communication and plans to provide a client application for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform Demonstrator.

Here you can log in to the NDS.Live Developer Portal.

The future of automobility requires strong and reliable partnerships. NDS.Live and AUTOSAR SOME/IP are a strong team for innovative in-vehicle communication.
Source: Unsplash
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