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Eco-Routing Attribute Values in NDS.Live

10. October 2023

Climate change, greenhouse gases, the growing fuel crisis and calls for greater sustainability mean that new ways must be found to travel from A to B as fuel-efficiently as possible. Electric vehicles are better for the environment than their fuel-powered counterparts in many ways, including a lower carbon footprint and lower maintenance costs. One navigation concept that aims for sustainability is eco-routing. 

Eco routing systems primarily aim to predict a vehicle range and to reduce energy consumption by finding an eco-route. These calculations should avoid complexity, be adaptable to variations in the data availability, and be as general as possible. They use the same principles as for finding a fastest or shortest route. However, the optimization criteria are different. This blogpost explains the infrastructural factors, data sources, and influencing factors of eco-routing. You can read more on how to fill the NDS.Live attributes for eco-routing in the NDS.Live Developer Portal.

Much of the data used for eco-route calculation is provided by the NDS.Live Routing Data module on all levels that are relevant for routing. Some of the required data is already available in the map data, such as the average speed attribute, which is part of the Characteristics module. Other data that is specific to eco-routing is stored for each road. NDS.Live data structures for eco-routing contain general attributes and are not vehicle specific. Vehicle-specific details can be included at runtime using vehicle-specific parameters and look-up tables.

Sustainable transport does not necessarily mean selling your car and riding a bike instead. Eco routing is an important trend in the navigation industry that is supported by NDS.Live. Source: Pixabay

Infrastructural Data provided in NDS.Live

The following infrastructural factors influence the calculation of eco-routes and are taken into account in the NDS.Live map attributes:

From Infrastructure to Eco-Routes

The consumption attributes in NDS.Live are based on the road infrastructure which affect the energy consumption of all vehicles. An NDS.Live based vehicle application can then combine these road infrastructure attributes with vehicle-specific and driver-specific properties and thus bring eco-routing to the next level. The application thus draws from three data sources for implementing eco-routing:


You can read more about how to calculate eco routing attribute values in NDS.Live in the NDS.Live Developer Portal.

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