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Save the Date: NDS Conference 2024

5. March 2024

One of the most important events in the NDS annual calendar is on the horizon: NDS members and friends can already blockThursday,June 6, 2024, for this year’s NDS Conference. This event will take place as a hybrid meeting in the “re:mynd” event location in Frankfurt, Germany. Stay tuned for more information to come regarding agenda etc.!

Current developments in the navigation and mobility environment such as autonomous navigation, remote sensing, cloud-based navigation or MapGPT, the powerful combination of ChatGPT with navigation, are just some of the trending topics currently discussed within the automotive and software development industry. Every year, the NDS Conference offers the opportunity to exchange experiences, share best practices and use cases, network and much more.

A uniform data standard such as the Navigation Data Standard is needed to successfully drive new trends and use them for sustainable, efficient, and user-friendly operational scenarios. At the NDS Conference, there will once again be many presentations and application examples on specific cases and challenges. That’s why June 6 is a must-attend event for all interested players in the navigation industry.

Where will the future of the navigation industry lead? Members of NDS Association will discuss the answers during the annual NDS Conference on June 6, 2024.
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