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How the Product Definition Group shapes NDS’ future

22. August 2019

The Product Definition Group (PDG) is a working group of the NDS Association, which defines the Product Roadmap of NDS and keeps it up to date. Here is why that is important.

NDS has achieved a level of maturity allowing to build relevant IVI products fully compliant. It is used by latest in-car navigation systems with the current specification, version 2.5. As the market is evolving from offline IVI focused software and onboard maps towards online services for highly autonomous driving (HAD), connected ADAS and other dynamic data, the NDS format specification is also under further development. The progression of the format specification is driven and executed by technical working groups. These are regular workshops where NDS members define, review, and approve changes and additions to the NDS specification. To complement these technical groups and work on longer-term market needs, the NDS Association set up the Product Definition Group (PDG).

product definition group

PDG analyzes upcoming technology trends in the automotive market for map data and map service-related requirements. The group derives products and features for NDS to support the automotive market with newest map data technologies. The derived feature requirements are input for NDS product backlog. This backlog is again picked up by dedicated technical working groups and implemented as features into the NDS format specification, as well as into the supporting toolsets for NDS. Furthermore, the backlog feeds into the NDS product roadmap, which captures and communicates NDS’ strategic objectives, priorities, and plans.

Georg Horn, NDS Product Manager
Georg Horn, NDS Product Manager

The importance of this work to the NDS Association and its members is underpinned by the fact the NDS association appoints Georg Horn of Elektrobit Automotive as a dedicated and contracted NDS Product Manager. Currently, about 10 product management experts from NDS member companies are active in PDG.

PDG is not an exclusive circle – it is open to every NDS member who wants to work actively on NDS’ future.

Georg Horn brings the group together between 8 to 10 times a year for two-day workshops. During these meetings, technology and roadmap reviews are completed, epics and user stories are defined, prioritized, and approved, and joint sessions with technical working groups are held to hand-over requirements. Over 20 epics, with a total of over 50 user stories, have been defined by Georg Horn and the group so far. “Join NDS and its Product Definition Group (PDG) to shape the future of NDS according to your needs!” Georg Horn says. You can find the contact form at the bottom of our homepage: https://nds-association.org/#contact

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