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TomTom chooses NDS.Live for new Orbis Map

23. May 2024

When talking about navigation systems and innovative maps one name quickly comes to mind: the Dutch location tech expert TomTom, a member of the NDS Association. TomTom and NDS have been a well-established team for many years. The company for example offers developers the NDS Map Updates service, a suite designed to enable effective updating of embedded NDS maps in their own navigation application. Besides a full NDS map, which serves as baseline for delivered updates or map extensions, NDS update packages and/or partial NDS maps can be provided. Another example of the co-operation is the new TomTom Orbis map, a seamless integrated map to support all use cases: from navigation to automation. All data layers seamlessly integrated in Orbis are accessible through one unified delivery service, powered by NDS.Live.

Orbis simplifies innovative map development

As automated driving evolves, the demand for location technology increases: With TomTom Orbis developers can combine both open and proprietary data sources to address location tech needs and build every kind of mapping solution. Layer by layer they can be customized to solve challenging use cases combining private data with known data sources, produced, and validated with the support of AI. Orbis’ collaborative and multi-source production process enables more accurate content, wider coverage across geographies and lower road classes, real-time updates, and richer map features. Its ADAS and HD maps layers are produced at the same time and natively cross-linked for additional flexibility and ease of integration. Orbis offers one seamlessly integrated and upgradeable map with a single map delivery service for all automotive use cases. Its unified map delivery service supported by NDS.Live is suitable for all location data.

TomTom Orbis is setting a new standard in map making by combining the best of open and proprietary data sources. It offers a map that is rich in content, fresh, easy to integrate and customize. Source: TomTom
TomTom and NDS are fueling the future of map development and streaming.
Source: TomTom

NDS.Live offers TomTom six advantages

  1. Unified map delivery: NDS.Live helps TomTom to offer a single map delivery solution to reduce integration complexity and operational costs for customers.
  2. Dynamic content: NDS.Live natively supports streaming and delivery of highly dynamic content which allows TomTom to distribute live data and map updates at high frequencies, up to minutely updates.
  3. Flexibility: NDS.Live offers a high degree of customization that can serve various use-cases (from navigation to automation) and can meet the needs of different vehicle platforms.
  4. Ease of integration: As an established standard, NDS.Live can be easily incorporated into existing frameworks, reducing TomTom’s customers’ development time and effort.
  5. One data delivery format: NDS.Live offers a single format for connected data delivery – both for vehicle or cloud delivery.
  6. Popularity among OEMs: NDS.Live is becoming the preferred delivery interface for Automotive OEMs, potential partners, and competitors thanks to its core value proposition of enabling distributed map data delivery.

Additional benefits of Unified Map Delivery supported by NDS.Live

Besides delivery of the new Orbis map, TomTom also uses NDS.Live to power TomTom’s next-generation Navigation solution: Navigation SDK for additional flexibility and customization in automotive grade navigation solutions. TomTom will present its NDS.Live powered solutions at the upcoming NDS conference on June 6th, 2024. You can register for this event here.

In the NDS.Live Developer Portal you can find out more about the possibilities and functions of NDS.Live. The access to NDS.Live is completely free to put new development ideas to the test, experiment, explore possibilities and share results with the NDS.Live development community. An NDS Association membership is due when a solution is market ready.

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