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New NDS Member: Toyota Research Institute Advanced Development

17. February 2020

We, the NDS Association members, are happy to welcome Toyota Research Institute Advanced Development, Inc. (TRI-AD) as a new member in our midst.

TRI-AD is responsible for development and pre-production of automated vehicle technologies for Toyota, one of the largest carmakers worldwide. TRI-AD’s responsibility lies at the heart of the development process, creating a robust pipeline between research and series production. The company deploys solutions for all aspects of automated and autonomous driving products, from driver safety and personalization to car-to-object detection and environmental analysis. One of TRI-AD’s research projects is the Automated Mapping Platform (AMP), an open software platform based on a contribution model that aims to develop the most globally comprehensive high definition road and lane network map.


“Precise map data are one of the fundamental enablers for automated and autonomous driving technology,” says Mandali Khalesi, Vice President of Automated Driving Strategy and Mapping at Toyota Research Institute Advanced Development TRI-AD. “We are happy to become a member of the NDS Association and we are looking forward to advancing the NDS map data standard together with the other worldwide automotive eco-system members of the NDS Association.”

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