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First implementation of NDS.Live started by NDS members’ joint development team

20. July 2020

NDS.Live is coming soon! Scheduled to be released later this summer, the next generation of the NDS specification will support connected and automated cars of today and of the future.

Source: NDS

NDS.Live will continue to ensure the interoperability of applications, maps, and services that is one of the key objectives of NDS. At the same time, it offers more flexibility in terms of data management and deployment. NDS.Live will cover the specification for standard and HD map data models and allow a combination of these with services via APIs for ADAS, navigation, and automated driving support.

As of now, NDS.Live is still in development. To increase the adoption and maturity of NDS.Live for its release later this summer, NDS member companies are joining forces: Elektrobit, HERE Technologies, JoyNext, NavInfo, and NNG, together with the NDS Association’s contracted technical staff, have formed a joint development team.

joint development team
Source: NDS, Elektrobit, NavInfo, JoyNext, Here, NNG

The goal is to develop a first preproduction model of NDS.Live based on the already available reference implementations. Map providers will set up NDS.Live services on top of their already existing HD and SD ADAS data pipelines to deliver the first ever NDS.Live data over standardized interfaces. Application providers will develop NDS.Live clients to connect to their ADAS horizon providers or visualization components. The result will be a working distributed map data delivery system, which is ready to scale to production maturity in the near future.

The team has kicked off its work last week and will showcase first results at the NDS Conference on September 24.

Being part of the NDS.Live Joint Development Team gives the participating companies a lead in adopting the NDS.Live standard, a decisive advantage for upcoming commercial projects.

All NDS member companies are invited to join the collaboration and support the team while working towards our big event in September.

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