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Map Data On-Demand – Innovation in NDS Map Streaming as a Service

14. August 2019

The key to supporting future innovation in the location-based service industry is overcoming the limitations of traditional data storage and map update solutions. Leading automotive software supplier and NDS Association member, NNG, applies its navigation expertise to NDS map updates.

New Technology for New Markets

Demand for highly reliable, content-rich, and up-to-date maps is increasing as location-based use cases are on the rise in the automotive navigation market. This is in part due to consumer expectations driving in-vehicle infotainment innovation. Besides that, it is also due to the growing demand for solutions to cope with issues such as range anxiety in electric vehicles, or location-based ADAS, which can serve as a bridge towards the mainstream acceptance of automated vehicles.

In each case, the need for accurate, content-rich maps, and the associated positioning and road condition data means that OEMs and Tier suppliers have to make a trade-off between functionality and storage cost. Could this limitation be overcome?  


Map Data Streaming On-Demand

Storage capacity is often limited by high memory costs and hardware performance. Thus, high data volume and frequently changing maps certainly represent a challenge for on board navigation.

Streaming on-demand map data can resolve both issues. Rather than pre-installing map data for an entire region on the head unit, map data can be off-loaded to the cloud and streamed on an on-demand basis. This eliminates the need for large, and costly, storage capacities.  

NDS Innovation

NDS streaming proof of concept

NDS Association member NNG uses their extensive navigation development and deployment experience to provide a solution that streams and caches map data with NDS streaming technology. The solution can stream any building block of the infotainment navigation map (such as routing and visualizing tiles, names, ADAS or truck layers, traffic flow, POIs, junction view, 3D objects and a variety of other data), including HD map data for automated driving. 

Additionally, the solution overcomes technical concerns with network coverage. The NNG services anticipate areas of low or no connection by pulling network data from the NNG cloud. Then, a vehicle will reroute in advance of affected areas and cache tiles, thus allowing for a seamless navigation experience.

To find out more about the NDS products and services at NNG, contact them here: https://www.nng.com/contact-us   

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