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Delta-compressed Map Streaming: Smart Navigation at Low Costs

10. September 2019

NDS Association member, NNG, has developed a novel technique for reducing the cellular data load for NDS cloud-based navigation, enabling efficient and cost-effective map streaming.

The NDS map data format offers the unique ability to select independent tiles and layers of the map and stream them on demand – as we saw in NNG’s prior map-streaming demonstration. This concept even enables full cloud navigation solutions. As a result, a lack of pre-installed maps available onboard is no longer a limitation. Required map data can be streamed and cached on-the-fly.

map streaming

Cloud navigation utilizes the vehicle’s cellular connection to deliver the navigation experience. Streaming NDS maps on-demand can reduce the data load significantly. Instead of whole countries or update regions, only selected, actually needed data is downloaded to the navigation system, for example the data along a route. However, when it comes to a living map in the cloud, re-streaming frequent changes may require an annual cellular data plan of the vehicle and that is another cost factor for the OEMs.

NNG has developed a novel solution that overcomes this limitation. By streaming only the changes in the map tiles, the technology (called Delta-Compression) enables a minimum 75% reduction in cellular data usage. Instead of downloading the full content of the map tiles when a change was made within the tile, the content of two tile versions is compared and only the delta is then downloaded and applied to the previously streamed data.

You can read more about delta-compressed map streaming here: https://blog.nng.com/low-cost-data-streaming-cloud-navigation

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