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User survey: How NDS is and will be used

20. July 2022

E-mobility and autonomous driving are gaining in importance, and international standards are essential to drive the mobility industry forward with interoperability and the resulting efficiency. This is what we at the NDS Association have been preaching since our beginnings almost 13 years ago. But sometimes it’s hard to grasp why and how our members use NDS. That’s why we listened closely – okay, we asked closely: at the 4th NDS Public Conference a few weeks ago, NDS members gave us their feedback. Here are the results of our survey.

For which applications do members use NDS predominantly?

As the worldwide standard for map data in automotive eco-systems, it is unsurprising that when asked how NDS is used today, 63 percent of the respondents use NDS primarily for navigation purposes. However, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is in second place with 48 percent of respondents indicating using NDS to support their driver assistance features. The fact that every second respondent indicated this area impressively shows how important driver assistance systems are and how much their importance will increase in the coming years. NDS supports more than just navigation innovations. Coming in third are Location Based Services (LBS) with 33 percent of the respondents, closely followed by Automated Driving at 29 percent. The survey gives a good picture of developments in the industry and what companies are working on to address consumers and the market needs.

If you want to be strong in the future, you have to think outside the box and always know what other players in the industry are up to. That’s why we also asked for which solutions the attendees use formats other than NDS. 48 percent mentioned navigation, 35 percent Location Based Services and 27 percent each automated driving and ADAS.

At eye level: the NDS Association is all about members’ experiences, opinions, and suggestions.


Honestly: What are the main advantages of using NDS?

Flexibility is the order of the day. It is therefore hardly surprising that 58 percent of respondents name interoperability as the main advantage of the NDS specification. However, 48 percent also rely on NDS because it opens new business opportunities for them. 46 percent cite cost savings in development as an advantage – an important factor in times of constantly rising prices and costs. Another 40 per cent praise the maturity of the format specification, because NDS is constantly developing and incorporating new requirements using input from its market leading members.

How NDS is driving innovation and addressing market needs can be seen with the NDS.Live specification that is now freely available for non-commercial development use. NDS.Live is designed for online communication between vehicles and OEM fleet clouds as well as for communication within the vehicle and between OEM and map provider clouds. 24 percent of respondents said that NDS.Live was still quite new to them. 47 percent said they wanted to look more closely at the possibilities and tools available with NDS.Live. Even 49 percent said they would consider NDS.Live to be the right technological approach.

And where do you stand? How do you use NDS? Or are you still considering becoming a member? Wherever you are on your NDS journey: We look forward to accompanying you and your customers. Feedback is welcome!

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