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What’s new in the NDS user world: Review of our 4th Public Conference

28. June 2022
The NDS Public Conference meeting room in Frankfurt.
Image Source: NDS Association

For the fourth time now, NDS members, guests and experts from industry, R&D, and public sector have met for the NDS Public Conference. This conference is held annually since 2019 and offers a platform to discuss the latest projects using NDS. But we also want to push the  standardization of map data and interfaces to automotive software to the next level. Since Covid-19 limited last year’s event, attendees came together this year for a hybrid event, meeting online as well as on-site in Frankfurt. In total, 187 participants joined the event, 24 on-site in Frankfurt and 163 via Zoom. They all enriched the day with exciting contributions and lively discussions. Thank you so much to all of you for your keen interest, exciting insights and food for thought!

If you didn’t make it, here is a recap of the event and we also have all the presentations and video recordings of the presentations for you.

The event was kicked off by Martin Schleicher, Chairman NDS Association, and Head of Software Strategy at Continental. He welcomed the audience, introduced the agenda, and gave a quick overview of the news and highlights of the past months, including the free availability of the NDS.Live specification.

The presentations then started with three new NDS members, DMP/Ushr, NIO, and Parkopedia, sharing insights into their companies, their reasons for joining, and initial implementations of NDS.Live in their current projects.

Next up was Andrew Calkins from Woven Planet – a subsidiary of Toyota, who gave an overview of the company’s tile-based approach to map sourcing and why NDS.Live offers an ideal framework for their Automated Mapping Platform (AMP).

This was followed by NDS news and achievements on a technical level. Fabian Klebert, Technical Lead at NDS, talked about the latest technical achievements, while Andre Heinrich, Validation and Certification Board Coordinator, provided updates about the NDS.Classic Certification Bench.

After a short break, the NDS.Live based demonstrations were presented by different companies.
Otto Nyiro of NNG kicked it off with a presentation showcasing the significant data consumption reduction achieved using NDS.Live and gave a demo of NNG’s iGo.Ahead.

Next was Anton Timmermans from Navinfo Europe/Mapscape and Fabian Klebert, who demonstrated an HD Lanes and Speed Limit app on Android Automotive OS using NDS.Live.

HERE Technologies showed a demo of using NDS.Live to enable a thin-layer implementation of speed limit display over a non-NDS navigation solution.

Last but not least in the demo section of the conference was BMW and dSPACE, who presented closed-loop testing of automated driving functions on NDS Maps using OpenDRIVE.

Following the various presentations of NDS members, Fabian Klebert did a guided tour of the NDS.Live developer portal.
Otto Nyiro then concluded the day with a summary of the NDS product roadmap for 2022 to 2024 on further strategic objectives regarding the development of NDS.Live and future milestones in the planning.

Watch the videos and download the presentations to find out more!

Are you interested in more in-depth info on individual topics or would you like to view the conference presentations yourself? We have prepared a playlist for you on our NDS YouTube channel. You can also access the videos and slides of each presentation below.

Welcome and Introduction to NDS Conference 2022
by Martin Schleicher, NDS Association Chairman
watch on YouTube download slides

New member introductions
by Chris Thibodeau
, DMP/Ushr
watch on YouTube download slides
by Hongyuan Yuan
watch on YouTube download slides
by Brian Holt
, Parkopedia
watch on YouTube download slides

Woven Planet’s Automated Mapping Platform (AMP) use of NDS.Live
by Andrew Calkins, Woven Planet
watch on YouTube download slides
NDS Technical Achievements 2021/2022
by Fabian Klebert, NDS Association
watch on YouTube download slides
NDS Validation & Certification
by Andre Heinrich
, NDS Association
watch on YouTube download slides
NDS.Live Validation Service Demonstration
by Andre Heinrich, NDS Association
watch on YouTube no download available
NNG iGo.Ahead using NDS.Live & LiveLab using NDS.Live path service
by Otto Nyiro, NNG
watch on YouTube download slides
NDS.Live demonstration of HD Lanes & Speed Limits
by Fabian Klebert, NDS Association & Anton Timmermans, Navinfo Europe / Mapscape
watch on YouTube download slides
HERE ISA Map as NDS.Live overlay over proprietary navigation solution
by Joe Suh, HERE
watch on YouTube download slides
Closed-Loop Testing of Automated Driving Functions on NDS Maps using OpenDRIVE
by Marco Sippel, BMW & Michael Kluge, dSPACE
watch on YouTube download slides
NDS.Live Evaluation Portal and Hands-on Demo
by Fabian Klebert, NDS Association
watch on YouTube no download available
NDS Roadmap
by Otto Nyiro, NDS Association
watch on YouTube download slides

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