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Looking back on the 3rd NDS Public Conference

22. June 2021

Held annually since 2019, the NDS Public Conference provides an overview of the latest project implementations using the NDS standard, as well as plans for future developments. The online event was open to the public, and in addition to the representatives of the NDS member companies, numerous other interested attendees took part in the discussions. The more than 200 participants in the online conference ensured lively debates and many helpful contributions. We would like to say a big thank you to all who attended!


This year’s conference once again featured a variety of insightful presentations on a wide range of topics, from the latest implementation projects to future applications and opportunities. After a brief welcome by Chairman Martin Schleicher, the two latest members of the NDS association, Momenta and Hitachi, introduced themselves and outlined their reasons for joining the NDS Association.

This was followed by a presentation by Khadim Dieng, who demonstrated NDS-based navigation and ADAS applications from Renault.

Next up was an update on the achievements of the NDS.Live Joint Development Team and their implementations of NDS.Live. First, Fabian Klebert, technical coordinator at the NDS Association, presented an overview of NDS.Live and the latest development activities regarding the new standard. Then the team members Elektrobit, Harman, HERE Technologies, Joynext, Navinfo, NNG, and TomTom demonstrated their achievements and results of NDS.Live implementations so far.

Philip Hubertus from HERE Technologies explained how the NDS standard contributes to sustainability. He outlined why, in his opinion, current development practices are reaching their limits and the ever-accelerating market dynamics in the automotive industry require an evolution strategy for software and data.

Nihat Küçük of Daimler highlighted how NDS has helped to reduce development costs. He also explained how NDS was used at Mercedes-Benz to scale navigation across car lines. Finally, he demonstrated the latest features of the MBUX navigation system with Augmented Reality features.

To round things up, NDS Association Product Manager Georg Horn shared his update on the future of NDS and why NDS.Live will play an outstanding role in the next years.

You can find the links to the presentations and the videos from this year’s NDS Public Conference below.

Watch the videos and download the presentations from the event

Do you want to watch all available videos in the order of order of appearance? Great!
We have prepared a playlist on the NDS YouTube channel for you.

Welcome and Introduction to the 3rd NDS Public Conference
by Martin Schleicher, NDS Association Chairman
watch on YouTube download slides
New member introductions
by Xiaolin Feng, Momenta
watch on YouTube download slides
by Kaisuke Ampo, Hitachi
watch on YouTube download slides
NDS Navigation and ADAS Applications by Renault
by Khadim Dieng, Renault
no video available download slides
Achievements of NDS.Live Joint Development Team
by Fabian Klebert, NDS Technical Coordinator and team members

Elektrobit, Harman, HERE, JoyNext, Navinfo, NNG, and TomTom
watch on YouTube download slides
Sustainability with NDS
by Philip Hubertus, HERE Technologies
watch on YouTube download slides
Use of NDS in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class MBUX AR Navigation
by Nihat Küçük, Daimler
watch on YouTube download slides
Future of NDS: Why NDS.Live will play an outstanding role in the Future
by Georg Horn, NDS Association Product Manager
watch on YouTube download slides

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