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Delivering map data layers the smart way with NDS.Live – watch the webinar recording now

31. March 2021

As Automotive vehicle platforms cover more and more models, OEMs are looking for greater scale and cost efficiencies – and EV platforms will only accelerate this trend. Today, map data needs to be much more detailed, precise, and up to date to support EV charging, driver assistance, navigation, and automated driving functions. Cars now feature data connectivity, and map data can be updated and streamed over-the-air. Not everything is done by the in-vehicle system any longer; selected features are powered and delivered by cloud systems. Driver assistance and navigation features use the combined power of cloud-based and in-vehicle systems alike. Vehicles are increasingly electrified and need live optimized routes and information about where to charge as well as reservation of charging spots.

All of this shows the accelerating pace of innovation and illustrates that more and more functions require map data, and the possibilities opening up with 5G connectivity will only boost these developments further. The outlined market trends required an evolution of NDS that is smarter when it comes to bringing map data into connected cars and still keeping the cost of that connectivity within reasonable limits. Our answer to this is NDS.Live.

NDS.Live is the worldwide standard for distributed map data in connected automotive eco-systems. It is built on the long experience of leading automotive OEMs, system vendors, and map data providers.
The over 40 NDS member companies started looking at the evolving needs of connected cars in which software plays a major role in the consumer user experience.

There is no doubt that given our globalized markets,  with automotive platforms that are based on a more modular and scalable architecture, with combinations of embedded and cloud-based systems, with driver assistance eventually leading to automated driving, we need to properly address all of this in a better way than we could with the NDS.Classic specification. NDS.Live is modular and self-contained to minimize data consumption, it supports downloading and caching of data, and it enables the use of both embedded vehicle software and cloud systems.

NDS.Live modularity: Data requirements of use cases and data freshness

During our webinar on March 25th, 2021, Philip Hubertus of HERE Technologies spoke about the evolution of NDS in a rapidly changing market. He outlined what lead to NDS.Live by talking about example use cases and the design considerations which fueled its development.

Fabian Klebert, Technical Coordinator of the NDS Association, then offered a deep dive into the modularity of data layers in NDS.Live. He talked about how NDS.Live SmartLayers can be configured by data providers and used by cloud systems as well as in-vehicle ADAS, navigation, and automated driving features.

NDS.Live webinar panel participants

During the Q&A, a panel of experts from HERE Technologies, Navinfo, the NDS Association and NNG responded to questions from the more than 110 attendees.

Did you miss the webinar?
No worries! You can watch the recording and download the presentation slides.

Watch the webinar recording:

Download the slides:download-slides

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