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Strong partner since the start: Meet NNG

6. July 2021

NNG is a global software supplier for automotive applications that is focused on supporting the industry on its way to an autonomous, connected, and electric future. Since 2015, NNG has been an active member of the NDS Association and plays a decisive role in the exploration of the map data standard. Otto Nyírő, an NNG navigation data expert, has been recently designated the association’s NDS Product Manager.

For 6 years, NNG experts from around the world have been supporting the NDS Association in the field of software development. NDS continues to shape the future of connected mobility with advanced navigation features and we are looking forward to continuing to deepen our collaboration with other NDS members.

Ottó Nyírő, Head of the NDS Competence Center at NNG and designated NDS Association Product Manager

Since 2004, NNG has been developing smart, secure, and connected mobility solutions that are made for the full range of NDS use-cases: from the cockpit to the cloud. A major milestone was the introduction of NNG’s flagship iGo navigation software, that dramatically reduced data storage requirements and thus revolutionized the industry. From there, NNG´s focus shifted from purely developing navigation-focused solutions to a far broader approach also encompassing complex mobility solutions. As a mobility solution provider with expertise in embedded navigation and cloud-based streaming of map data, NNG is a valuable member of the NDS Association.

NNG began contributing its expertise to the NDS format in 2015. Initially NNG adapted its Hybrid Navigation SDK to fully support the map data standard. NNG supports the NDS Association working groups with experts and serves as an active member of the NDS Technical and Steering Committees, as well as contributing to the NDS Product Definition Group (PDG).

NNG has a presence in 8 countries around the globe, and has put more than 60 million devices on the road. The company aggregates content and services from over 60 providers. NNG experts and team members such as Ottó Nyírő, NDS Product Manager and Head of the NDS Competence Center, are instrumental in the committees and working groups that guide the development of the NDS standard. In July, Otto will take over the Product Manager role of the NDS Association to facilitate and coordinate NDS product management activities.

In recent years, NNG has contributed significantly to the development and implementation of NDS-based innovations. As the recently awarded contractor for the development and maintenance of the NDS Certification Bench (CB), NNG is responsible for delivering CB Releases for the NDS.Classic Certification Bench. Additonally NNG will implement the first version of the NDS.Live Certification itself.

NNG uses both NDS.Classic and NDS.Live for the company´s mobility solutions. One example is the on-demand streaming of NDS.Classic ADAS map data for NNG’s connected e-Horizon solution, to reduce onboard data storage and lower costs by caching only the relevant map tiles. NNG also makes use of the NDS.Classic HD maps for their Intelligent Co-Driver system. The module makes manual driving safer by combining navigation routes, HD maps, lane positioning and sensor information to predict the movements of other road users and gain an enhanced understanding of the car’s entire environment. The advanced combination of different data sources allows the Intelligent Co-Driver to make informed decisions about where the vehicle should be headed next.

With the streaming of NDS.Classic SD maps for in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), NNG paved the way for the next generation of navigation systems, using a fully cloud-based approach. Sourcing map data from the cloud enables a seamless navigation experience by streaming all layers of Routing and Map Display tiles and retrieving non-tile-based content – such as names or intersection views – along the tile corridor. The solution works also in areas with low or no mobile network coverage, using an intelligent caching mechanism. NNG also redefined data usage: By streaming only incremental updates of cached tiles – the “Delta” – for fully cloud based NDS.Classic ADAS and IVI solutions. NNG achieved a reduction of data consumption for map cache updates by more than 70% for quarterly updates, and up to 90% for monthly updates.

NNG is furthermore crucially involved in the development of NDS.Live solutions: Using the NDS.Live Lane as a SmartLayer service, NNG’s Intelligent Co-Driver is able to consume HD Lane data via standardized service interfaces.

Streaming NDS.Live Lane over NDS.Classic SD map

NNG is actively working on several more NDS.Live solutions. One example is NNG’s cloud routing service, that is offered via the NDS.Live standardized service interfaces. Additionally NNG utilizes the NDS.Live SmartLayerPath service for ISA and other ADAS solutions, which reduces the data consumption by streaming only the necessary information on the current path and adjacent roads to car.

The new NDS.Live solutions were demonstrated during the 3rd NDS Public Conference on June 8th, 2021. See the recording of their presentation here.

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