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Data for all: Sharing sensor data with SENSORIS

9. July 2020

Highly automated driving systems are only as good as the information they receive. While navigation data provides vehicles with precise information about the route, road conditions and layout as well as traffic, in-car sensors deliver real-time intelligence about the car itself and its immediate surroundings. And while NDS enables a reliable, seamless exchange of map data, SENSORIS does the same for sensor data.

Modern vehicles produce and use a vast amount of data. But any information can only be useful for the crowd if it is shared with others. SENSORIS (Sensor Interface Specification) is a global standardized specification to transfer data from in-vehicle sensors to a cloud and for data exchange between clouds. The standard lays the foundation for broad access, delivery and processing of vehicle sensor data and facilitates data exchange and transfer between the automotive eco-system players through its standardized interface.

Source: https://sensor-is.org/

Why should we share sensor data?

In-vehicle sensor data enables manufacturers and suppliers within the automotive ecosystem to deliver real-time, cloud-based information such as hazard warnings, traffic incident alerts or road condition updates. It also offers great potential for other industries and use cases, such as smart grid or usage-based insurances (UBI). However, transmitting huge amounts of sensor data via mobile phone technology is costly, so it is critical to reduce the transmitted data to a minimum. SENSORIS’ state of the art data encoding technology allows for small data sizes. The standard is developer-friendly due to its variety of programming languages and minimizes costs.

A vehicle that understands the SENSORIS requirements is able to collect and transmit data only when it is valuable and necessary according to the cloud’s need. A request message from the cloud contains all the information a vehicle needs to know to understand when, where, under which conditions, how much sensor data sets to collect and how urgent to transmit them. This allows a broad use of existing applications, from near real-time hazard information to long-term statistical analyses that can be requested by the cloud and answered by the vehicle.

SENSORIS is data efficient, but its primary focus is flexibility. Adding customized proprietary data and using individual higher or lower resolutions ensures that SENSORIS data can also be used for proof of concepts, research and testing.

Source: OADF

SENSORIS and the Open AutoDrive Forum

Navigation and sensor data form the information base for automated and autonomous driving together. As a member of the Open AutoDrive Forum (OADF), an open discussion platform to facilitate cooperation in the industry, SENSORIS is a close partner of NDS. SENSORIS represents members of all key stakeholders in the field of sensor interface specification such as vehicle manufacturers, navigation system suppliers, sensor and component manufacturers, ADAS developers, location content and service providers or telecom and cloud infrastructure providers. Together, they are committed to defining this global standardized interface in order to increase business opportunities and new services for everyone. Furthermore, all SENSORIS developments will fully comply with data privacy and approved security regulations.

For more information, visit sensor-is.org.

Cloud sensor data exchange
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